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irma abdul latif(non-registered)
love it! especially the potraits!
These pictures...Very fascinating. I've got to say, just keep up the good work. I wish I could get some pictures...If only i was in Qatar. :(
Prince Khaliffah Jaafar(non-registered)
Nice Pictures......!! Bravoo!
Tom Sia(non-registered)

Fantastic stuff. Congratulation

Best Regards
Azid ziddan(non-registered)
Nice site and nice pic
Kay Tilley - Compass International School(non-registered)
Hi Aishah,
Can you tell me how much is the photobook for Beauty is the beast? parents have been asking.


Aishah Moors(non-registered)
Thank you for your email.

If you check the slip that I sent to your child/children, I did mention that the pictures will be uploaded between 19-23June, so please visit my website again after the 19thJune. I need some times to edit and upload all 33 classes of photos!

All purchase will be on-line and the on-line purchase will only be activated once the photos are uploaded. Please allow me this weekend to complete my editing and uploading. Thank you.

I hope you can understand. Have a great weekend.
islqatar parent(non-registered)
when will you upload the isl qatar student photos?
the current galery has 5 pictures only.
when will the pictures be up of the compass production?
megan price(non-registered)
hii, your pictures are amazing. :)
But when is compass's 'beauty is the beast' production photos going to be posted?
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